Logistical, administrative and operational support

Logistical, Administrative and operational support

We take care of the complete organisation and support of the entire logistics, including the related administrative part. According to the location, the quantities, storage capacity and safety prescriptions, the most appropriate mode of transport is chosen (road, shipping, rail or intermodal). Our services also include the practical organisation of (de)loading, transport, storage and related administrative documents (e.g. waste identification documents, notification documents, CMR, etc.).

Administration, logistics, operational support, valorisation or reuse of industrial waste and side-products into secondary raw materials or alternative fuel

Waste treatment and transport is highly regulated, with several waste streams subject to regulation EC n°1013/2006. ATA takes care of all the necessary documents and permits in order to provide our clients a complete and correct service. 

ATA is licensed by the Belgian authorities (OVAM and Office Wallon des déchets) for the transfer of waste materials. Our company is listed as n° 72028/1 in the OVAM register. 

Also in the Netherlands, we are registered on the VIHB-list (Vervoerders, inzamelaars, handelaars en bemiddelaars) by VIHB n° BU503158XXHB.

Our group disposes of own storage and handling facilities in the port of Ghent where stevedoring and port services for vessels of up to Panamax size are provided. The terminal is directly linked to the European waterway network, including the Rhine, by way of the rivers Lys and Scheldt. It is connected to the dense European railway system and favourably located near the crossing of two major European motorways, being the E17 (Stockholm-Lisbon) and the E40 (London-Istanbul).

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